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Charlotte Public Library

Library Services

What we do for our community

Circulation Services

Library cards applications are available at the front desk. Children must be 5 and up in order to obtain their own library card. Parents must be present to sign their child's card application. Teens and adults may fill out their applications, and a library card will be put into the system when turned in.

If a library card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a new one will be issued. Cost of replacement will be $1.00.

Most books and materials may be checked out for two (2) weeks at a time. Please make sure that a return date is marked in the book's checkout card.

Fines will be assessed at $ .25 per day past the due date.


Other services

Copies are $ .50 per page                   Incoming faxes: $1.00 per page    

                                                            Outgoing faxes: $1.50 per page