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Charlotte Public Library

For Children 5 years and up to 12

AWE Computers (5), designed for children 4-10, with pre-programmed educational activities.
  • Kids and Teens: Books, Websites, and more

    Check out the websites we have for your needs!

  • Homework and Research Sites

    BookFlix and Teachables by Scholastic~ new!


    This is an area where you can find information on age -related current events.

  • School starts September 8, 2020

    Welcome back to school! Make sure you check out the Charlotte Public Library for research, AP practice books, SAT and ACT practice books, as well as college and career guide books.

  • Pre-K and toddlers program

    1,000 Books Before Kindergarten will be our focus, along with songs, stories, and crafts. Don't worry if your child is older (3 and up). Reading one or two books every night will quickly bring your child close. Any books read in Story Time will be counted. Every 100 books you read with your child (or someone else) count for a reading certificate.